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Conquer Your First Triathlon: Take Action to Overcome Fear and Become a Successful Athlete

The quote says: “Never be afraid to try something new.”

This might sound surprising, but trying new things can still be scary. As humans we naturally fear the unknown and crave the protection of our comfort zones. 

Facing the Unknown: Why We Fear New Challenges

New things are hard. There’s so much to learn and you risk feeling stupid or inadequate. And what if you do it wrong? Nobody wants to feel embarrassed. It’s much easier to stick with what you know. 

If you’re just starting out as an endurance athlete, I’m going to share a few steps to help you feel less afraid. 

Before I do, let me explain why I’m telling you not to be afraid if I just basically told you it’s normal to be afraid.

New things bring a kind of excitement that you can’t find wrapped up in your security blanket. Different adventures help us learn about ourselves and grow in ways we never imagined. 

I’m speaking from experience here – I just wrote a book. Like a whole book with chapters, a publisher, a dedication page and everything. It’s called Forward is a Pace. I wrote as part of my mission to inspire regular people to unleash the extraordinary athlete inside. 

It was a long road to get here. It took me over a year. When I started I most certainly was afraid. Which is why I can’t really tell you to never be afraid. The difference is I didn’t let it stop me.  

All you need to do is take one step. The first step is simple, but always the hardest: decide you’re going to do it.

After that it takes just one step every day. Some steps are forward, some are backward and some are sideways. You just keep stepping. 

As promised, here are some steps you can take if you’re new to endurance sports.

Building Your Base: Essential Swim, Bike, and Run Training

Swim: Go to a pool to work on your form and body position. If you’re not sure what that means, ask a coach who specializes in swim technique. 

Bike: Building stamina on an indoor bike or taking a spin class. Once you’re ready to venture outside, look for group rides offered at your local bike shop to feel safer on the roads.

Run: Start by taking brisk walks. When you feel strong enough, add spurts of 10-30 seconds of jogging. 

Triathlon: Complete one swim, one bike and one run session each week. Throw in a couple of days for strength and stretching and you’re on your way!

These are the most basic starting points. If you find that you are more advanced in one of these disciplines, here’s a high five. ✋ Start there and use that experience to build confidence to try something new. 

If you need some inspiration, Forward Is a Pace will be available on June 3 and my inbox is always open if you want to chat about your goals.

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