I never thought of myself as an “athlete” but always felt I had an untapped potential for endurance sports.

Not everyone who has the desire to achieve athletic goals feels like they belong. Team B*REAL is a family of endurance athletes where every body is accepted. You’ll find a safe space where “regular” people discover they can be extraordinary athletes. Everyone is welcome for judgment-free camaraderie and fun in a community of support and confidence. All you have to do is show up.

Tackling a BIG goal and want to avoid getting injured while building? Too busy to research and plan your own training? Motivated by extra attention and accountability? Not even sure how to start? Private coaching takes care of all that and more. 

Stop feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of fear when you think about the swim portion of a triathlon. Fixing your swim technique can reduce shoulder pain, improve performance and build confidence. When you swim more efficiently you’ll swim faster and have more energy for the bike and run. Tune up your technique to feel confident with every stroke.

Don’t skip your ride or run because it’s too cold, you can’t find a training buddy or you don’t feel safe on the roads. Get the benefit of an outdoor workout with friends in a supportive and fun environment right in your own home!

You’ll feel motivated to get the most out of your workout. No fancy trainers or apps needed (but you can use them if you want). Sweat with us every Saturday to stay accountable to your goals all winter long!

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Monthly Team Training Membership

open enrollment year round
$ 25
  • Online Community Support
  • LIVE Weekly coaching on topics including training, nutrition, strength, injury prevention
  • Monthly Motivation Meetings with expert guests
  • Team Challenges (and prizes 😊) to stay consistent with your training
  • Training and Motivational Tools and Resources
  • Virtual Group Training Sessions
  • Sponsor Discounts
  • Discounts on B*REAL Events (Winter Warrior, September Streak, VIrtual Triathlon)
  • A certified coach to guide you